Referrals and Payment


Practice Overview Referrals (PDF) for psychological evaluation, testing and assessment are accepted from health care providers, physicians, psychologists, counselors, social workers, local, state and federal agencies, attorneys, and others including self-referrals.

**Please note, I do not accept referrals for psychotherapy. Please read below about resources to support your search for a psychologist or psychotherapist.**

Please provide your legible referral via SECURE FILE TRANSFER to Dr. Weil with copies of:

✓ releases of information (ROI)
✓ insurance card!
✓ pertinent health/mental health care records
✓ contact information for client & referral source
✓ the specific referral question posed by the provider

Call: 575-342-1236, FAX: 575-339-2788, Email:

Insurance & Payment

At this time, my practice accepts MEDICARE original insurance and self-payment for all others (non-Medicare). Psychological testing typically involves preauthorization requests.

For those with Medicare Advantage insurance plans, out-of-network benefits/contracts may be available and at my discretion to accept.

Most insurance carriers do not cover psycheducational evaluation (intellectual & academic assessment of students) and self payment is expected.

Please call to discuss.


Searching for a Psychotherapist or Psychologist

  • (find a therapist)
  • (National Register Health Service Psychologist)
  • (American Psychological Association psychologist locator)
  • Contact your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through your employer
  • Go to your insurance carrier’s website to perform a search for behavioral health providers
  • Silver Regional SASS Hotline: 866-750-6474 Grant County, NM free sexual assault counseling
  • El Refugio Hotline: 1-888-538-2125 Grant County, NM free domestic violence counseling
  • Military, Veterans and & families:
  • Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) ask your VA provider for referral

How to choose a psychologist


Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

What is your insurance? Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance? Take out your card, get the name of the company. Call the toll free number on the back of your card and ask about behavioral health benefits for members. Get a list of several referrals. Ask about co-pays, costs, and coverage. Inquire about providers in or out-of-network and the differing costs.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, outpatient behavioral health is covered under part B so you would have a 20% co-pay of the approved amount after your annual deductible. If you are dual-eligible with Medicaid and Medicare, you won’t pay anything if they accept both insurances.

Make sure you know if you have original Medicare/Medicaid and know the name of the managed care plan.


Some people prefer more privacy and want to avoid having their information stored in health care records and electronic systems, thus they choose not to use insurance.

Read more about privacy and insurance here:

Language Assistance

Agencies receiving federal financial assistance are mandated to offer culturally and linguistically relevant services and offer language assistance to persons with limited-English proficiency at no cost.