Referrals and Payment


Referrals for psychological evaluation, testing and assessment are accepted from health care providers, physicians, psychologists, counselors, social workers, local, state and federal agencies, attorneys, and others including self-referrals.

**Please note, I do not currently provide psychotherapy for general mental health but will be happy to provide you with local referrals.**

Please call or fax your legible referral to Dr. Weil with copies of:

✓ releases of information (ROI)
✓ insurance card!
✓ pertinent health/mental health care records
✓ contact information for client & referral source
✓ the specific referral question posed by the provider

Insurance & Payment

At this time, my practice accepts MEDICARE original insurance and self-payment for all others (non-Medicare). Psychological testing typically involves preauthorization requests.

For those with Medicare Advantage insurance plans, out-of-network benefits/contracts may be available and at my discretion to accept.

Most insurance carriers do not cover psycheducational evaluation (intellectual & academic assessment of students) and self payment is expected.

Please call to discuss.