Marie C. Weil, PsyD, ABPP
Bilingual Clinical Psychologist
Psicóloga Clínica

PO Box 922
Silver City, New Mexico 88062
FAX: 575-339-2788

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Mission & Values

Improve QoL via bilingual, culturally and linguistically responsive, clinical health psychology practice of exceptional quality.

✦ Cultural Humility
✦ Integrity
✦ Competency
✦ Justice

Clinical Psychologist

A Clinical Psychologist has one of the highest levels of education of all health care providers. Dr. Marie C. Weil holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology (PsyD). Clinical psychologists are experts in human behavior and psychopathology who practice in mental and behavioral health. Through in-office visits and online Telehealth we diagnose, assess, evaluate and treat; practice psychotherapy and perform psychological testing. We consult and train. Our work is based upon scholarly evidence.

Expertise as a Clinical Health Psychologist

A clinical health psychologist is a professionally recognized specialist applying scientific knowledge to the practice of health and wellness by understanding the interactions of biological, social, emotional, cognitive, and cultural aspects of individuals. Clinical health psychologists practice health promotion & disease prevention and treat illness and disability in diverse populations across varied settings. Dr. Weil embraces interprofessional collaboration with her experience in the Veterans Health Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons, hospitals, universities, managed care, private practice, and community centers including a FQHC.